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great compositions/performances: Richard Wagner Overture from the Flying Dutchman (The Met Orchestra James Levine conducting)

Richard Wagner Overture from the Flying Dutchman

Giuseppe Verdi – Macbeth – Ballabili (Dances from Act III)

Giuseppe Verdi – Macbeth – Ballabili (Dances from Act III)




Antonin Dvorak – Rusalka – Song To The Moon: make music part of your life series

Antonin Dvorak – Rusalka – Song To The Moon

today’s birthday: Giuseppe Verdi (1813)…Angela Gheorghiu/Placido Domingo – La Traviata – Brindisi – Prague 1994: great compositions/performances

Giuseppe Verdi (1813)

Verdi is regarded as the foremost Italian composer of opera and one of the most influential opera composers of the 19th century. His works, like Il trovatore, La traviata, and Aïda, remain at the heart of the opera repertory even today, and many of his themes transcend the boundaries of the genre and have taken root in popular culture. Though the baptismal register for October 11, 1813, lists Verdi as “born yesterday,” his date of birth remains a mystery. Why is this? More… Discuss

Angela Gheorghiu/Placido Domingo – La Traviata – Brindisi – Prague 1994

story: Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso

Caruso was an Italian operatic tenor renowned for the beauty, range, and power of his voice. A mechanical engineer who indulged his passion for singing in his spare time, Caruso had no formal musical training until his late teens. After just a few years of study, he made his professional operatic debut, touching off his meteoric rise to fame. In 1903, he made his American debut at the Metropolitan Opera, where he was a favorite until his death. What helped secure his status as an opera legend? More… Discuss

from Addiobelpassato: Carlo Maria Giulini “Quattro Pezzi sacri” Verdi: great compositions/performances


Arturo Toscanini (1867)

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s great conductors, Toscanini first took the baton as a substitute conductor in Brazil. Toscanini’s artistry is preserved in recordings, notably of the symphonies of Beethoven and works by Brahms, Wagner, Verdi, and others. A tempestuous personality greatly respected by his performers, he also served as musical director of La Scala, Milan, and of the Metropolitan Opera, New York City. Before becoming a conductor, Toscanini studied what instrument?More… Discuss

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GREAT PERFORMANCES: Angela Gheorghiu – Addio del passato – La Traviata

Angela Gheorghiu – Addio del passato – La Traviata (Giuseppe Verdi)
Angela Gheorghiu sings ‘Addio del passato’ from the opera ‘La Traviata’
at a concert in Brussels in 2004. Yoel Levi is the conductor.

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Giuseppe Verdi

La traviata (Italian: [la traˈvjaːta], “The Fallen Woman”[1][2]) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It is based on La dame aux Camélias(1852), a play adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils. The opera was originally entitled Violetta, after the main character. It was first performed on 6 March 1853 at the La Fenice opera house in Venice.

Piave and Verdi wanted to follow Dumas in giving the opera a contemporary setting, but the authorities at La Fenice insisted that it be set in the past, “c. 1700”. It was not until the 1880s that the composer and librettist’s original wishes were carried out and “realistic” productions were staged.[3]

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Triumphal March from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. Metropolitan Opera House,1989.



Tre volte miagola la gatta in fregola.


Fabulous Performamces: “Liszt Project” Recording Old-Fashioned Way:-) Analog Tape to Vinyl LP. Lisitsa

Recording of Liszt album in all analog ( or analogue if you will :-)) 1/4 inch Studer tape , no edits allowed !!!! 6 tapes , each one 40 minutes long is what it takes to get approximately 53 minutes of final result. I always knew that Liszt was dangerous 🙂 One tape was gone for sound tests , and another wasted on takes that had a squeeky pedal ( or was it a boot )? Anywya, here is more technical stuff…
Digital back-up ( lol) on Sequoia digital platform .
Interviews with the producer Michael Fine, sound engineers Wolf Dieter Karwatky and Wim Makkee. Liszt Ballade #2, Hungarian Rhapsody #12, Verdi – Liszt Aida, Schubert – Liszt songs (Ave Maria, Gute Nacht, Der Erlkonig, Der Muller und der Bach, Das Madchen Klage), Rondo Fantastique “El Contrabandista”.


[La forza del destino] overure – Riccardo Muti, Wiener Philharmoniker

Verdi – La Forza del Destino ‘Overture’ (encore) 

Wiener Philharmoniker 
conducted by RICCARDO MUTI

Live at the Suntory Hall, Tokyo – Oct, 11, 2005.

Verdi: Nabucco – Hebrew Slaves Chorus


Triumphal March from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi

Triumphal March from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. Metropolitan Opera House,1989.

Nabucco – Hebrew Slaves Chorus

One doesn’t have to loose a country or to find a place and declare it his: Anywhere we are either hell, or paradise, or lost paradise, what we have is our human dignity. That fundamental right to be treated with respect, no matter of the momentary station we may have in life. While such an easy thing to say, in reality, human dignity has been the “commodity” the master takes from the serf to allow him the most outrageous and inhuman acts of cruelty.