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Golden Gate Quartet –Nobody Knows

Golden Gate Quartet–1994 U.G.H.A
Paul Brembley,Clyde Wright,Clyde Riddick & Orlandus Wilson

The Golden Gate left the shore’s of America in the early 1950’s and found fame and fortune in Europe. They were based in Paris, France but performed throughout the world, except for America. It seems our musical tastes change all too quickly and as a consequence talented performers here either leave the business or leave America.

Upon hearing that the Golden Gate Quartet were coming back to America, the Smithsonian Institute invited them to attend a ceremony in Washington, DC. The Gates declined that invitation because they felt it would detract from the real reason they came back to America which was to be honored by UGHA. Orlandus Wilson, spokesman for the ‘Gate made note that UGHA was the only organization in over 40 years that remembered the Golden Gate Quartet. They in turn honored UGHA by performing at a meeting show the evening before the Hall of Fame. It was easy to see why they still play before sold out concerts around the world.