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Greenpeace Sorry for Stunt at Peru’s Nazca Lines

Greenpeace Sorry for Stunt at Peru’s Nazca Lines

Members of the environmental activist group Greenpeace are now apologizing for a publicity stunt this week in which they placed banners next to one of Peru’s iconic Nazca Lines—without permission. Like the giant figure of a hummingbird next to where they were placed, the banners were meant to be seen from above. The message was directed at United Nations representatives meeting in Lima for global climate talks. However, the protestors angered Peruvian authorities by leaving footprints at the ancient site, where special footwear is required to be worn. More… Discuss

‘It took a Hundred years to grow and just 10 minutes to cut me down!’ (greenpeace)

‘It took a Hundred years to grow and just 10 minutes to cut me down!’ (greenpeace)


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Great Performances: Kyoko Oyagi Plays BORODIN’S “In the steppes of Central Asia”

Legendary virtuoso,Kyoko Oyagi,japanese female pianist (International competition Viotti 1st prize) plays Borodin arranged for solo-piano by herself.1999/Tokyo,Japan,Live recording.Most successful Asian descendant pianist of Emil Sauer who combined Franz liszt’s and Russian pianism.Hans Kann’s favorite disciple,大八木恭子.


Radioactive sea life off Japan: Greenpeace


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