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The Tremeloes – Silence Is Golden (HQ) (with harmony in mind)

Excerpts from Wikipedia article:  The Tremeloes are an English beat group founded in 1958 in DagenhamEssex, and still active today.

They formed as Brian Poole and the Tremoloes (as backing group to Brian Poole, and the name soon being changed thanks to the spelling mistake of a local newspaper) influenced by Buddy Holly and The Crickets. On New Years Day, 1962, Decca, looking for a “Beat” group,auditioned two promising young bands: Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and a somewhat similar combo (also heavily influenced by Buddy Holly) from Liverpool called The Beatles.

Decca chose the Tremeloes over The Beatles. The Tremeloes proved to be a very talented band in their own right and had a successful career. Like the Beatles, every member of the Tremeloes was a strong singer and the band seamlessly combined rock and roll with a variety of other genres.

Original band member details


  • Brian Poole — born 2 November 1941, BarkingEssex — vocalist, band leader (up to 1966)


The Tremeloes


  • Alan Howard — born 17 October 1941, Dagenham, Essex — Bassist / Vocalist (up to 1966).
  • Alan Blakely — born Alan David Blakely, 1 April 1942, BromleyKent — died 10 June 1996  — Rhythm Guitarist / Keyboards / Vocalist.
  • Ricky West — born Richard Charles Westwood, 7 May 1943, Dagenham, Essex — Lead Guitarist / Vocalist.
  • Dave Munden — born David Charles Munden, 2 December 1943, Dagenham, Essex — Drummer / Lead Vocalist.
  • Chip Hawkes — born Leonard Donald Stanley Hawkes, 2 November 1945, Shepherd’s Bush, West London — Bassist / Vocalist (from 1965).
  • Mick Clarke — born Michael William Clarke, 10 August 1946, GrimsbyLincolnshire — Bassist / Vocalist.
  • Joe Gillingham — born Joseph Gillingham, 1946, BournemouthHampshire, now Dorset — / Keyboards/ Vocalist.
  • Davey Fryer — born David Anthony Fryer, 1951, SeafordEast Sussex — Bassist / Vocalist.