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guitar badri-2011 05 18 Rodrigo concert Andaluz for four guitar and orchestra

guitar badri-2011 05 18 Rodrigo concert Andaluz for four guitar and orchestra



Manuel De Falla- The Three Cornered Hat- The Miller’s dance- Magdalena Duhagon, guitar

Manuel De Falla- The Three Cornered Hat- The Miller’s dance- Magdalena Duhagon, guitar

Francesco Molino Duo op.16 n 2 Romance – andante espressivo , great compositions/performances

Francesco Molino Duo op.16 n 2 Romance – andante espressivo

Lou Reed Playlist

Francisco Tarrega – Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Emmanuel Rossfelder): make music part of your life series

Francisco TarregaRecuerdos de la Alhambra (Emmanuel Rossfelder)

Concerto op. 99 (complete) Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Flavio Sala, guitar: make music part of your life series


Concerto op. 99 (complete) Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Flavio Sala, guitar

Guitar Concerto op. 99 in D – Flavio Sala plays Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. http://www.flaviosala.com Samara Philarmonic Orchestra. Mikhail Sherbakov, Conductor. Samara, Russia 2011.




“Flavio Sala is the new Paganini of the guitar” – Alirio Diaz
“It was very exciting for me to listen to Flavio Sala” – Steve Howe
“Flavio Sala has a great technical ability” – Paco de Lucia

Italian guitarist, with more than 40,000 fans around the world (http://www.Facebook.com/FlavioSalaFans) and millions of views on Youtube (http://www.Youtube.com/Guitargurugu), Flavio Sala is considered the new star of the guitar, acclaimed by critics and audiences worldwide for his incredible instrumental technique, combined with extraordinary sensitivity and musical creativity.
My name is Flavio Sala and I am a guitarist. I was born in Bojano (Italy) on May 9, 1983. When I was seven year old, my father put a guitar in my hands and taught me the first two or three chords. Then I learnt copying my brothers. I fell in love with guitar and really felt like becoming a professional performer, without even know what that meant. I studied at the Conservatory with Pasqualino Garzia and at the “Accademia Musicale Chigiana” with Oscar Ghiglia. Till the age of fourteen I believed that classical music was the best, but after playing and playing it, I started to understand that I could not keep playing the same things during all my life. It was when I discovered Paco de Lucia, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorius and many others that I started to change and open my mind: since that moment I have been dreaming to become an eclectic artist, I just want to play on my guitar the music I love. I got really fascinated with flamenco, jazz, latin jazz but later also pop, rock and salsa artists/singers: “Why do they look so comfortable, happy enjoying their music and playing, and classical musicians always look like suffering on the stage all the time?” That used to happen also to me and I wanted to cut it down, absolutely!
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE http://www.FlavioSala.com







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great compositions/performances: GIULIO TAMPALINI – Mauro Giuliani: Concerto op. 30


GIULIO TAMPALINI – Mauro Giuliani: Concerto op. 30

Giulio Tampalini plays “Concerto op. 30” by Mauro Giuliani with Polish Symphony Orchestra, conductor Krzysztof Klima.
I. Allegro
II. Siciliana
III. Polonaise
Guitar:Philip Woodfield http://www.woodfieldguitars.com

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mauro Giuliani

Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo Giuliani (27 July 1781 – 8 May 1829) was an Italian guitarist, cellist, singer, and composer, and is considered by many[who?] to be one of the leading guitar virtuosi of the early 19th century.

make music part of your life series: Joachin Rodrigo concert Andaluz for four guitar and


Rodrigo concert Andaluz for four guitar and orchestra

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Concierto Andaluz (Spanish: Andalusian concerto) is a 1967 work by the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo for four guitars and orchestra. The piece has three movements, each having a blend of impressionistic Spanish guitar music with that of baroque influence. It was commissioned by Spanish guitarist Celedonio Romero and first performed by Los Romeros and the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Victor Alessandro in San Antonio, Texas, USA on 18 November, 1967.


  1. Tiempo de Bolero
  2. Adagio
  3. Allegretto

make music part of your life series: Serenata Española de Joaquim Malats Pepe Romero


Serenata Española de Joaquim Malats Pepe Romero

read more about Joaquin Malats: Serenata Española @ takis konstantopoulos: for the promotion of rigour and rationality on BLOGGER! Check it out!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pepe Romero (born March 8, 1944 in Málaga, Spain) is a world-renowned classical and flamenco guitarist. He is particularly famous for his outstanding technique and colorful musical interpretations on the instrument.

Pepe Romero
Pepe Romero 2000.JPG

Pepe Romero in 2000
Background information
Born March 8, 1944 (age 70)
Málaga, Spain
Genres Classical music, flamenco
Occupations Guitarist, arranger
Instruments Guitar
Years active fl. ca. 1959 – present
Labels Philips Records
Associated acts The Romero Guitar Quartet
Website www.peperomero.com
Notable instruments
Torres 1856


As a soloist Pepe Romero has appeared in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and many countries around the world with the Toronto, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Pittsburgh, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas Symphony Orchestras, as well as with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the New York, Bogota and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestras, the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the London Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, I Musici, the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Philharmonia Hungarica, the Hungarian State Orchestra, the Spanish National Orchestra, the Spanish National Radio/Television Orchestra, L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, The New Moscow Chamber Orchestra, the Springfiled Orchestra, the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, the American Sinfonietta and the Bournemouth Symphony. He has been a special guest at the festivals of Salzburg, Israel, Schleswig-Holstein, Menuhin, Osaka, Granada, Istanbul, Ravinia, Garden State, Hollywood Bowl, Blossom, Wolf Trap, Saratoga and Hong Kong.

Since his first recording (at the age of 15) he has recorded over 50 solo albums and 30 albums as part of the famed guitar quartet The Romeros. He has played for Presidents Carter and Nixon, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Prince of Wales and Pope John Paul II. He has numerous international recording awards to his credit and has received an Honorary Doctorate in Music from University of Victoria.

His contributions to the field of classical guitar have inspired a number of distinguished composers to write works specifically for him, including Joaquín Rodrigo, Federico Moreno Torroba, Rev. Francisco de Madina, Lorenzo Palomo, Michael Zearott, Enrique Diemecke, and Celedonio Romero.

Pepe Romero is the second son of Celedonio Romero, who was his only guitar teacher. His first professional appearance was in a shared concert with his father when Pepe was only seven years old. In 1957 Celedonio Romero left Franco‘s Spain for the United States with his family.

On February 11, 2000, King Juan Carlos I of Spain knighted Pepe Romero and his brothers, Celin and Ángel, into the Order of “Isabel la Catolica.” The official ceremony of this high honor took place at the USC Thornton School of Music, and included a gala performance by The Romeros with the Thornton Chamber Orchestra. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Classical Guitar at the Thornton School, where he was named “Distinguished Artist in Residence” in 2004.[1][2]

Although originally a classical guitarist, he is talented in Flamenco and a popular Flamenco performer. His most famous Flamenco-only album is called ¡Flamenco Fenómeno!

The Romero Guitar Quartet

The Romero Guitar Quartet


Larry Coryell: Kowloon Jag (Live at Yoshi’s 2013)

Last year at Yoshi’s, Larry Coryell played his final retro performance on stage to a packed house.
The whole show was filmed in its entirety and promises to further cement Coryell into music history as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Larry Coryell: Guitar
Julian Coryell: Guitar
Cindy Blackman Santana: Drums
George Brooks: Sax
Gary Brown: Bass


Directed by Daniel E. Meza

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Make Music Part of Your Life Series – Enjoy: Spanish Guitar – Tárrega, Albéniz, Rodrigo


Spanish Guitar: Tárrega, Albéniz, Rodrigo

The Strings of Time
resound brightly today,
as they’re trying to say,
listen to Me, Soul of Mine.

Part 1 (Guitar Solo)
(00:00) 01. Capricho Arabe (Serenata, Tárrega) [Wulfin Lieske, guitar]
(05:09) 02. Lágrima (Prelude, Tárrega)
(06:46) 03. Maria (Gavotte, Tárrega)
(08:18) 04. Mazurka in G (Tárrega)
(10:04) 05. Recuerdos de Viaje Op.71, I En el Mar (Barcarola, Albéniz) [Julian Byzantine, guitar]
(15:45) 06. Recuerdos de Viaje Op.71, II Asturias (Leyenda, Albéniz)
(22:50) 07. Recuerdos de Viaje Op.71, V Puerta de Tierra (Bolero, Albéniz)
(26:23) 08. Andaluza (Danza Española No. 5, Granados) [Eliot Fisk, guitar]
(30:59) 09. Cancon del Lladre (Llobet) [Wulfin Lieske, guitar]
(32:31) 10. Romance (Anon, arr. Yepes) [Pierre Laniau, guitar]

Part 2 (Guitar and Orchestra)
(35:03) 11. Concierto Madrigal, I Fanfarre (Allegro Marziale, Rodrigo) [Alfonso Moreno & Deborah Mariotti, guitars – London Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Batiz]
(37:03) 12. Concierto Madrigal, II Pastoral (Allegretto, Rodrigo)
(40:44) 13. Concierto Andaluz, I Tiempo de Bolero (Allegro Vivace, Rodrigo) [Alfonso Moreno, Minerva Garibay, Cecilia Lopez & Jesus Ruiz, guitars – Mexican State Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Batiz]
(49:21) 14. Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, IV Canario (Rodrigo) [Ernesto Bitetti, guitar – Philharmonia Orchestra, Antoni Ros-Marba]

Music Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for non-profit purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Make Music Part of Your Life Series: J. S. Bach, Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001 – Ana Vidovich

Make Music Part of Your Life Series: J. S. Bach, Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001 – Ana Vidovich
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Blue Skies (gypsy jazz) – Gonzalo Bergara Quartet with Leah Z on vocals – Steve’s Live Music

Gypsy Jazz with the right balance of vocals and hot instrumentals, and above all rock steady driving rhythm. Thanks to Charlie and Steve for bringing this group through Atlanta.

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Johnny Cash: When Papa Played The Dobro (Flatt / Scruggs)


Johnny Cash



My papa was a hobo when they delivered me

We didn’t have a doctor cause he couldn’t pay the fee

But when the goin’ got too bad to ease his misery
Papa played the dobro this a way and he’d go

[ dobro ]

When company would come around he kept the dobro hid

He knew he couldn’t play the way the other players did

Why the guitar’s resonator was a gallon bucket lid

But papa played the dobro this a way and he’d go

[ dobro ]

Well now that papa’s gone away it’s hanging by the flue

The top of it’s rusted and the strings’re rusty too

It won’t ever sound the way that it did when it was new

When papa played the dobro this a way and he’d go

[ dobro ]


Today’s Birthday: Les Paul

Les Paul (1915)

Paul began playing country music at 14, later switched to jazz, and started his own trio in 1936. Considered one of the finest jazz guitarists, he was famous for his amazing versatility. Dissatisfied with the sound of available instruments, Paul invented a solid-body electric guitar in 1941 that was marketed by Gibson and became extremely important in the development of rock music. Several versions of his prized guitars are still manufactured. What else did he invent? More… Discuss