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ALL TIME GREATEST SOUNDTRACKS MIX 2014/15 | Hans Zimmer, John Willams, Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi

ALL TIME GREATEST SOUNDTRACKS MIX 2014/15 | Hans Zimmer, John Willams, Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi


Charlie Chaplin (1889)

Chaplin was one of the most creative personalities in the silent film era: he acted in, directed, scripted, produced, and eventually scored his own films. Merging physical grace and disrespect for authority, he created a signature character, the Little Tramp, who wore a gentlemen’s derby, carried a cane, and sported a toothbrush mustache. The Little Tramp’s baggy trousers and oversized shoes contributed to his unique, bow-legged dance-walk. How did Chaplin’s political leanings affect his career? More… Discuss

Greatest Speech Ever Made Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator W/Time Inception

If you like it, support it – 
The movie that this speech is from is “The Great Dictator”

The background music is “Time” composed by Hans Zimmer from the Inception Soundtrack

I know there are many versions of this clip floating around the net (and thankfully so for this speech should be shared), and though most of them are of good quality, I made this one with the intent of creating a higher quality version. 

I added the music, very simply, because I like it. I feel it fits perfectly. I don’t take credit for the idea, I just wanted to improve on it.

That said, I am never going to add clips to this speech. 
I’ve seen so many versions where people have added movie and news clips in an attempt to increase the impact of this speech, or to promote their political views, and the result is always the same- 
It SUCKS!! (except for the Star Wars Version- that was pretty cool)

If I were to add any images to this video, your thoughts would be limited to the visuals attached to it.
This speech is a treasure to find and a gift to give because it can connect to people from all walks of life. I’m not going to take away from the meaning by pushing my thoughts, beliefs or grudges on you or anyone else.
Think for yourself and create your own personal connection to this.

Believe in more than you see, and a new world will appear before you.

(5/7/13) –
For all the purists, I have finally completed and posted the “non-musical” version of this speech in it’s entirety. 

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Hans Zimmer All Time Greatest Soundtracks Mix IMHO – July 2012

Latest Hans Zimmer All Time Greatest Mix after lots of feedback/comments from previous mixes and individual youtube video views on single tracks, In My Humble Opinion 🙂 For latest updates/DL links and new mixes follow me on twitter @donohof and under Francis Donohoe on Mixcloud

0:00:09 Drink Up Me Hearties – Pirates Of The Caribbean
0:04:35 Knights March – King Arthur
0:06:27 Main Theme – Crimson Tide
0:12:06 Honor – The Pacific
0:14:28 A Watchful Guardian – The Dark Knight
0:20:25 Barbarian Horde – Gladiator
0:25:13 Rock House Jail – The Rock
0:27:21 Spectre In The Fog – The Last Samurai
0:29:06 Leave No Man Behind – Blackhawk Down
0:31:00 Chevalier De Sangreal – The Da Vinci Code
0:34:21 Epilogue – Crysis 2
0:37:29 Ending Long Version – Modern Warfare 2
0:40:22 You’Re So Cool – True Romance
0:43:43 This Land – The Lion King
0:46:18 Journey Kapano Part3 – Tears Of The Sun
0:50:24 Injection – Mission Impossible 2
0:54:49 Honor Him – Gladiator
0:55:54 Tennessee – Pearl Harbor
0:59:28 Time – Inception


The Lion King – Soundtrack [English] – Full Album (Music by Hans Zimmer)

1 Circle of life 00:00 
2 I just can’t wait to be king 03:58
3 Be prepared 06:50
4 Hakuna Matata 10:30
5 Can you feel the love tonight 14:02
6 The morning report 17:00
7 This land 18:37
8 To die for 21:34
9 Under the stars 25:50
10 King ok pride rock 29:36
11 Circle of life (Elton John35:32
12 I just can’t wait to be king (Elton John) 40:24
13 Can you feel the love tonight (End title) 44:00
14 Can you feel the love tonight (Remix) 48:02
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Hans Zimmer – The Holiday Score