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Headbanging Brain Bleed Danger

Headbanging Brain Bleed Danger

Headbanging—the violent shaking of one’s head in time with rock music, especially heavy metal—looks violent, but it is generally viewed as fairly harmless. Rarely, however, serious brain injuries can result from the practice, as evidenced by a recent case in which a 50-year-old Motörhead concertgoer developed bleeding on the brain that required surgery to treat. The injury was discovered four weeks after the concert, when the man, complaining of constant headaches, visited a doctor. Violent headbanging has also been linked to strokes and whiplash injuries. More… Discuss


Teen Athletes Tight-Lipped about Blows to the Head

Despite growing evidence of the dangers of returning to the field following a concussion, young US athletes remain reluctant to admit having suffered a head injury, often because they do not want to be benched or fail to grasp the seriousness of such an injury. Part of the problem is that there remains a lack of consensus about how to prevent concussions, or at the very least minimize risk, as well as how to treat them, how long it takes to recover from them, and what their long-term effects are. More… Discuss


Recession Linked to Rise in Child Abuse Injuries

Recession Linked to Rise in Child Abuse Injuries

Since the start of the economic downturn in the US, the number of children being hospitalized with severe brain injuries as a result of abuse has spiked. In the three years leading up to the recession, the rate of abusive head injuries was 8.9 per year per 100,000 kids. During the recession, this number jumped to 14.7 per 100,000. Although there is no proof that pay cuts or job loss is responsible for the increase in abuse, previous research has linked parental stress to child maltreatment, and financial hardship could certainly contribute to parental stress. More… Discuss