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news: Cell Phones’ Effects on Adolescent Brains

Cell Phones’ Effects on Adolescent Brains

Although today’s youth cannot conceive of a world without cell phones, the devices have only been around for a few decades, and little is definitively known about their health effects. Researchers in Britain are therefore launching a study to investigate the effects of cell phones and similar devices on children’s brain development. It will track some 2,500 preteens into early adolescence and evaluate cognitive functions like memory and attention in an effort to discern whether their use of mobile phones, smartphones, or other wireless devices plays a role either in improving or impairing these functions. More… Discuss

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ASPARTAME DEEMED SAFE….[at current consumption levels…]

Aspartame Deemed Safe

Ever since the sugar substitute aspartame came on the market in the 1980s, it has been dogged by rumors that it causes a host of adverse health effects. Over the years, it has been blamed for everything from premature births to cancer to behavioral problems in children. Yet, a comprehensive study by the European Food Safety Authority concludes that the sweetener is safe at current consumption levels and poses no health danger, except to those who suffer from a rare genetic defect known as phenylketonuria.More… Discuss