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today’s picture: Nicholas II, Czar of Russia

Nicholas II, Czar of Russia, was forced to sign a document of abdication on March 16, 1917, after being brought down by political unrest and widespread starvation stemming from Russia’s staggering losses in WWI. The czar, his wife Alexandra, their four daughters and son Alexis, heir to the throne, were held prisoner by the Bolsheviks for several months at Tsarskoye Selo palace near Petrograd. This photograph shows Nicholas II under guard in the park at Tsarskoye Selo. In August 1917, the family was transported to distant Siberia to prevent any attempt to restore them to the throne. In July 1918, the entire royal family was executed by local Bolsheviks.

Photo: Library of Congress

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Henry V

Determined to regain the lands in France once held by his ancestors, King Henry V of England rekindled the Hundred Years’ War and all but conquered France. His continuing victories—including his stunning success at the Battle of Agincourt—forced the French to sign a 1420 treaty naming him heir to the throne. However, he died two months before the French king and thus did not inherit the crown. At 16, Henry was shot in the face with an arrow. How did his physician remove it and save his life? More…Discuss