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The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, California, that features more than 2,000 pink stars featuring the names of celebrities honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for their contributions to the entertainment industry. Each star contains a bronze emblem representing one of five categories for which an honoree can receive a star—such as a camera denoting achievement in film. Who received the walk’s first star? More… Discuss

Hollywood walk of fame/ Los Angeles 1/2/2010

The St. Bernard

The St. Bernard

Monks at the Hospice of the St. Bernard Pass in the Swiss Alps originally bred the St. Bernard for rescue and guide work. Endowed with an uncanny sense of direction, the breed was able to guide the monks over trails that had been obliterated by windblown snow. One St. Bernard is said to have rescued at least 40 people from harsh Alpine conditions, although such tales might be exaggerated. Why do depictions of St. Bernards

Today’s Birthday: HATTIE MCDANIEL (1895)

Hattie McDaniel (1895)

McDaniel was the first African American to win an Academy Award, earning it for her role as the maid Mammy in 1939’s American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind. Segregation, still widespread in the American South at the time, prevented her from attending the film’s Atlanta premiere, but when her friend and fellow actor Clark Gable—who had recommended her for the role—wanted to boycott the event, she insisted that he attend. Why does McDaniel have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of FameMore… Discuss