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Saint of the Day for Saturday, June 6th, 2015: St. Norbert

this day in the yesteryear: Frederick Barbarossa Elected King of the Germans (1152)

Frederick Barbarossa Elected King of the Germans (1152)

Frederick Barbarossa was elected King of Germany in 1152 and crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1155. Shortly thereafter, an apparent misunderstanding with Pope Adrian IV led Frederick to mount military operations against Italy and install an antipope in opposition to Adrian’s successor. The schism continued for some time, but Frederick and the Catholic pontiff ultimately reconciled. According to scholars, what factors may have contributed to Frederick’s drowning death in the shallow Saleph River? More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500)

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500)

Charles V was the influential 16th-century European monarch who held the thrones of both the Holy Roman Empire and Spain for approximately 40 years. He played a key role in fighting Protestantism during the Reformation and was later an ardent supporter of the Counter Reformation. He also fought several wars against France and the Ottoman Empire before abdicating in the 1550s, dividing his realms between his son and brother and retiring to a monastery. What saying about Paris originated with him? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: End of the Holy Roman Empire: Francis II Abdicates (1806)

End of the Holy Roman Empire: Francis II Abdicates (1806)


English: Map of the Holy Roman Empire, 1789, t...

English: Map of the Holy Roman Empire, 1789, translated (somewhat) from original German version on Wikipedia Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Francis II, the last Holy Roman Emperor, came to power just before the outbreak of war with Napoleon’s France. His armies were defeated, and he ceded the left bank of the Rhine to France in exchange for Venetia and Dalmatia. In 1798, he joined the Second Coalition against France, but he was again defeated. He eventually consented to the virtual dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and assumed the title of emperor of Austria. Though he despised Napoleon, Francis allowed him to marry whom? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Edict of Worms Declares Martin Luther an Outlaw and Heretic (1521)

Edict of Worms Declares Martin Luther an Outlaw and Heretic (1521)

The Diet of Worms was an assembly opened by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to deal with the question of Martin Luther’s recalcitrant behavior. Luther was asked to retract his teachings condemned by the pope, but he refused. Various theologians argued with him for a week, but he would not change his position. On May 25, Luther was formally declared an outlaw in the Edict of Worms, and the lines of the Reformation were thereby hardened. Who hid Luther to protect him from the edict’s enforcers? More… Discuss

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The Walk to Canossa: Pope Lifts Holy Roman Emperor’s Excommunication (1077)

The papacy and German nobility were enjoying widespread power when Henry IV became German king and then holy Roman emperor. As Henry tried to reclaim control, he clashed with Pope Gregory and was excommunicated. The nobility sided with Gregory and refused to recognize Henry’s kingship unless he sought absolution. To do so, Henry crossed the Alps in the dead of winter and allegedly stood three days barefoot in the snow at the castle at Canossa before being absolved. How did the nobles respond? More…Discuss


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Definition: (adjective) Unsupported by other evidence.
Synonyms: unsubstantiated
Usage: Reports of a tornado are uncorroborated at this time, but residents have begun seeking shelter anyway. Discuss.


Today’s Birthday: FERDINAND III, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (1608) (When people fight among themselves they always forget about the common enemy! And that’s what the enemy counts on…)

Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (1608)

When Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III ascended the throne, the Thirty Years’ War had been raging for 20 years. After his accession, the war took a disastrous turn. Though he prohibited religious freedom in his own domains, he compromised with Europe’s Protestant powers and agreed to the Peace of Westphalia. The treaty ended 30 years of religious strife in central Europe but greatly reduced the central power of the Holy Roman Empire. Despite the war, Ferdinand made time to pursue what pastime?More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: THE BATTLE OF DETTINGEN (1743)

The Battle of Dettingen (1743)

In 1713, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI issued the Pragmatic Sanction, which stated that a female heir could inherit his lands. When his daughter Maria Theresa became queen in 1740, the War of Austrian Succession erupted. Austrian, British, German, and Dutch troops formed the Pragmatic Army, named in support of the sanction, and defeated French troops in the Battle of Dettingen, despite having no access to supplies. In the battle, what did King George II do that no British monarch has done since? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: LEOPOLD II, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (1747)

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (1747)

The third son of Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, Leopold II succeeded his father as duke of Tuscany in 1765 and his brother as emperor and ruler of the Hapsburg lands in 1790. A practitioner of what has been termed enlightened despotism, Leopold is remembered as a ruler of outstanding diplomatic and administrative abilities. He was emperor for just two years, but in that time, he precipitated the decade-long French Revolutionary Wars by making an alliance with what power? More… Discuss




Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II Is Excommunicated (1227)

Prior to being excommunicated the first of several times, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II had planned to go on a crusade. However, an epidemic waylaid him and a large part of his army, delaying the conquest. As a result, he was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX. He eventually went on the postponed crusade and became king of Jerusalem. With Italy as the center of his power, Frederick, a religious skeptic, was in frequent conflict with the papacy. Frederick wrote the first book on what subject? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: Charles IV, Holly Roman Emperor (1316)

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1316)

Charles IV was a 14th-century Holy Roman Emperor, German king, and king of Bohemia. He was educated at the French court and fought the English at Crécy, where the heroic death of his father, John of Luxemburg, made him king of Bohemia. Pope Clement VI, to whom he had promised far-reaching concessions, helped secure his election as anti-king to Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV. After the death of Louis in 1347, Charles claimed the crown. He is considered the father of what modern-day nation? More… Discuss