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Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz [Official Music Video], great songs/interpretations

Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz [Official Music Video]




In the News: Stone Age Eats More Than Just Meats

In the News

Stone Age Eats More Than Just Meats

Resolving to go on the Paleo diet in 2015? You may want to rethink what the ancients really ate. The trendy diet calls for people to avoid carbohydrates—including beans and grains—in favor of meat, poultry, and fish, but a recent study suggests that this diet is more limiting than ones actually adhered to in the Paleolithic era. Researchers studying hominid diets from that time period have found them to be quite varied and based on whatever food was available, which, in the case of hunter-gatherers near the equator, was plants—not meat. More… Discuss

Evolutionary Theory that Packs a Punch

Evolutionary Theory that Packs a Punch


Bones of the skull

Bones of the skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dietary changes have long been considered the primary driver of evolutionary changes to human facial structure, but two University of Utah researchers have proposed an alternative, and much more violent, theory. They say that fistfights and not food were the driving force. Evolutionary changes to facial bone structure, they contend, have strengthened the bones most often fractured when humans, usually males of the species, brawl, thereby limiting the injuries participants sustain. More… Discuss