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Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto Nr. 3 in D minor , op.30 (1909) – Horowitz/New York Philharmonic Orchestra/Zubin Metha,Conducting: Great compositions/performances

great compositions/performances: Horowitz: Scriabin Etude for piano in minor, Op. 2/1 & Etude for piano in D minor, Op. 8/12


Horowitz: Horowitz in Moscow
7. Alexander Scriabin: Etude for piano in C sharp minor, Op. 2/1
8. Alexander Scriabin: Etude for piano in D sharp minor, Op. 8/12

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Make Music Part of Your Life: Horowitz plays Wagner-Liszt Isolde’s Liebestod

Last but not least. It took the legendary pianist three separate days to record this piece to his satisfaction, and he died a mere four days after its completion on November 5, 1989. 

Horowitz did not record the other Liszt transcriptions of Wagner such as the Tanhauser Overture, though the biography by authored Harold Schonberg noted that he played an enormous amount of his own transcriptions of operatic music, including the Ride of the Valkyrie. However, Horowitz did not programme most of them once he arrived in the United States.

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Horowitz – Schumann Traumereï (Kinderszenen)

1978 Vladimir Horowitz TV concert from the White House.

1. Horowitz, The Star-Spangled Banner
2. Chopin, Sonata n°2 in B flat minor
3. Chopin, Waltz op. 34 n°2 in A minor
4. Chopin, Waltz op. 64 n°2 in C sharp minor
5. Chopin, Polonaise op. 53 in A flat major

1st encore: Schumann, Traumereï from Kinderszenen
2nd encore: Rachmaninoff, Polka de W.R. in A flat major
3rd encore: Horowitz, Variations on a theme from Bizet‘s Carmen


Horowitz in Vienna Schumann Kinderszenen Op.15, (Scenes from Childhood)

Horowitz in Vienna Schumann Kinderszenen