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today’s holiday: San Jacinto Day

San Jacinto Day

Fresh from his victory at the Alamo, General Antonio López de Santa Anna of Mexico proceeded eastward until he encountered the Texan army general, Samuel Houston, at San Jacinto, about 22 miles east of the present-day city of Houston. Houston’s 900 soldiers defeated the Mexican force of nearly 1,600, in a battle that lasted only 18 minutes. A legal holiday in Texas, San Jacinto Day is celebrated throughout the state but particularly in San Antonio, where the highpoint of the 10-day San Antonio Fiesta is the huge Battle of Flowers parade winding through the city’s downtown streets. More… Discuss

For your Health: Children Mistake Laundry Pods for Toys or Candy

Children Mistake Laundry Pods for Toys or Candy

Brightly colored detergent pods containing concentrated laundry soap have sent more than 700 children in the US to the hospital in the two years since the pods became widely available there, and poison control centers have fielded thousands of calls from worried parents and caregivers whose charges have been exposed to or ingested the contents of these packets. Some manufacturers have already altered their packaging to make the pods safer for children, and this seems to have had some positive effect, but it is still advisable to store such products out of the sight and reach of youngsters. More… Discuss

word: parry


Definition: (verb) To deflect, evade, or avoid.
Synonyms: hedge, sidestep, skirt, circumvent, dodge, elude, duck
Usage: He parried every inquiry so successfully that soon he was the one asking the questions. Discuss.


Oil Rig Accidentally Drains Lake Peigneur (1980)

When Leonce Viator, Jr., set out in his boat for a day of fishing on Louisiana‘s Lake Peigneur, he never imagined he would end up fighting for his life. But that is exactly what happened after an oil rig on the lake’s surface accidentally bored through the roof of a salt mine beneath it. Like a bathtub whose plug has been pulled, the lake began draining into the mine, creating a whirlpool that sucked in not just water but barges, trees, and acres of surrounding land. What happened to Viator?More… Discuss