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Though toothpaste as we know it today is only about a century old, dental hygiene has long concerned human beings. The ancient Greeks and Romans cleaned their teeth with abrasive mixtures using crushed bones and oyster shells, a far cry from the hydrogen peroxide-and-baking soda formulas of the 19th century. In 1892, American dentist Washington Sheffield became the first to sell toothpaste in a tube—today the standard in toothpaste packaging. What had inspired him to package it like that? More… Discuss

Is It Real? Superhuman Powers – National Geographic HD Full Documentary ***

s it Real examines the possibility of human beings with extraordinary power. It investigates Sufi mystics, Yoga masters, and Chi manipulators.

Superhuman strength is said to come from energy. Are there people who can really harness this “force” or energy to transcend our human limitations?