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CAPTCHAs Cracked by Intelligent Software

A technology start-up working to create a computer system that works like a human brain says it has developed software that can crack CAPTCHAs between 90 and 97 percent of the time. CAPTCHAs—Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart—are random words or letters displayed in a camouflaged and distorted fashion to ensure that a human is making an online transaction rather than a computer. Turing tests are intended to test a computer’s capacity for human-like thought and are seen as a measure of artificial intelligenceMore… Discuss


Scientists Grow Mini-Brains

Using stem cells, laboratory researchers have managed to grow cerebral organoids, essentially miniature brainswith several distinct regions—a scientific first. The mini brains are pea-sized and similar to that of a 9-week-oldfetus. They have already been used to studymicrocephaly, a congenital condition characterized by abnormal smallness of the head and underdevelopment of the brain, and may be a useful research tool in future studies of brain diseasesMore… Discuss


Researcher Forces Colleague’s Hand, Literally

Researchers at the University of Washington have achieved what is believed to be the first human brain-to-brain communication, with one researcher using his brain to send a signal to the other’s that caused him to involuntarily move his right index finger. This was achieved by having the “sender” imagine moving his right hand while wearing a device that could read his brain signals. These signals were then sent, via the Internet, to a brain-stimulating device worn by the “receiver.” More…Discuss