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Alpha and Omega, Poetic thought by George-B

Alpha and Omega, Poetic thought by George-B

Because Humans couldn’t have known,
He created theories – true human species lullabies,
To calm our scary, solitary nights, and even scarier days, 
of storms, and fire, and tremors,
and high tides, and droughts, and deep snow storms,
and icy lakes…

Then we were thought prayers,
and chants, and incantation, and then,
Not to eliminate anything previously learned
Human invented religions…

Now,  those, Came to explain everything
in a nicely unified theory of everything,


the beginning, that cannot be reached for many,

many billions of years…
And so  Humans are happy so and so, for now, being always between
The Alpha (A) and the Omega (Ω) of Everything, Everywhere, Every Time.


Fossils Confirm Existence of Other Human Species

In 1972, a team led by anthropologist Richard Leakey and his wife, zoologist Meave Leakey, discovered a human fossil in Kenya unlike any other. Dated to about two million years ago, the find suggested that at least two species of human coexisted in Africa at the time. The discovery of three new fossil specimens that share a number of features with the 1972 specimen, known as KNM-ER 1470, further confirms this hypothesis and strongly indicates that theevolutionary path from primate to modern human was not strictly linear but in fact included a number of branches. More… Discuss