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No Apology, But Acknowledgement of Failings from Facebook (facebook Q: on a scale from 1-10… how emotional are you today?

No Apology, But Acknowledgement of Failings from Facebook

Facebook faced widespread backlash earlier this year, after admitting that it had, without consent, manipulated the news feeds of hundreds of thousands of users in an experiment on human emotion. It has since been several months, and Facebook has apparently ruminated on the matter. While stopping short of apologizing for its actions, the social media giant has acknowledged failings in the way it carried out the research and released the results. More… Discuss


Molasses Spill Chokes Hawaii Harbor

Unfortunately, we know all too well the damage an oil spill can do to an ecosystem, but how about molasses? The sweet, sticky stuff used in cookies, candies, and other tasty treats has caused an environmental disaster in Honolulu Harbor. A massive spill from a molasses pipeline earlier this month sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of the heavy syrup into the harbor’s waters, killing thousands of fish. Unlike oil, molasses sinks in water, and experts have no way of removing molasses once it has been spilled. The full impact of the spill on marine life will not be known for some time. More… Discuss