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word: apotheosis


Definition: (noun) Exaltation to divine rank or stature.
Synonyms: deification, exaltation
Usage: How strange was this miracle of fame, I pondered, this strange apotheosis by which a mere private name becomes a public symbol. Discuss.

Democracy Now: Today’s Headlines

Emotional memories of  the fight for the human rights, including the right to vote, for minorities and the elderly! Why do politicians today work hard at reversing the natural right, taken through shed of blood sweat and tears? Because in a democratic society, votes count for the running of the that society, because majority of votes is what makes the rule, not the bribe, not the political party, not any other personal interest:
We spend the hour looking at the bloody struggle to obtain — and protect — voting rights in the U.S. with the civil rights icon, now 13-term Georgia congressmember, John Lewis….   More…