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NEWS: TURN DOWN THE THERMOSTAT TO TRIM THE WAISTLINE (Or exercise, indoors, outdoors, to the same result!)

Turn Down the Thermostat to Trim the Waistline

A number of factors have been blamed for the obesity crisis gripping much of the industrialized world, and now researchers are adding indoor heating to the list. They say that heated buildings eliminate the need for the body to expend energy in order to keep warm, thereby reducing daily caloric burn. Other experts disagree, saying that cooler temperatures increase appetite, counteracting any caloric burn with an increased caloric intake. There is also some indication that cold indoor temperatures increase the risk of a stroke. More… Discuss


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Study Ties Corporal Punishment to Behavior Problems in Kids

Corporal punishment has fallen out of favor in much of the industrialized world, as scientific evidence regarding the negative psychological effects of such disciplinary measures has mounted. There are those, however, who believe that physical punishment is less harmful or even beneficial in cultures where it is still deemed acceptable. To study this, researchers went to Tanzania, where corporal punishment by parents and teachers remains the norm. Nearly all of the children they interviewed had experienced physical punishment, and this was correlated with increased incidence of externalizing problems like aggression, hyperactivity, and reduced empathy.More… Discuss


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