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From CNN : Young Native Americans embrace their culture

Young Native Americans embrace their culture

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Preemies Slower to Pair Up Later in Life

Preemies Slower to Pair Up Later in Life

Studies have already suggested that babies born prematurely often grow up to be cautious individuals, and now, Finnish scientists have linked that tendency directly to love and sex. By comparing questionnaires from “preemies” now in their twenties with those filled out by peers born at full-term, the researchers found that preemies were 20 percent less likely to have ever lived with a significant other, and 24 percent less likely to be sexually active. Neonatologists, however, maintain that other factors, such as maternal income and education, are the best predictor of children’s future health and welfare. More… Discuss

Postpartum Depression Breastfeeding Link

Postpartum Depression Breastfeeding Link

Breastfeeding can have major benefits for new moms, but it can also pose challenges that make a difficult period in a woman’s life even harder. Among women who plan to breastfeed and go on to do so, the risk of developing postpartum depression is halved. However, those who struggle and find themselves unable to nurse see their risk of postpartum depression more than double. The data, researchers say, highlight the importance of supporting new mothers, particularly those who have trouble breastfeeding, as they navigate this period of their lives. More… Discuss


Simple Umbilical Gel Cuts Infant Mortality in Nepal

A simple, low-cost intervention is dramatically cutting the rate of newborn deaths in Nepal and could soon be doing so in other parts of the world as well. Since 2011, when Nepalese hospitals began using chlorhexidine gel to prevent umbilical cord infection, the country has seen a 23 percent drop in newborn deaths due to infection. Nepal was the first country to make the application of chlorhexidine to the umbilical cord a routine part of its postnatal care, but Nigeria and Madagascar, bolstered by Nepal’s apparent success, are in the process of following suit. More… Discuss


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Definition: (adjective) Stale and unclean smelling.
Synonyms: fustymusty
Usage: As a college student, all I could afford was a frowsty basement apartment, but it served its purpose. Discuss.



Germany Recognizes Third Gender

Germany has become the first European country to legally recognize a third sex—indeterminate. Parents there may now leave the gender box blank on their children’s birth certificates, a move aimed to meet the needs of those babies born with both male and female or ambiguous sex characteristics or genetics. Until now, parents of intersexchildren had to make rapid decisions not just about which gender to put down on the birth certificates but also whether to take surgical steps to match the infants‘ physical appearances to the selected gender. Experts now believe that this sort of sex assignment early in life can have negative psychological consequences down the line. More…