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Cardboard Bike Being Rolled Out

Since their invention, bicycles have been made lighter, more efficient, and more affordable. Yet, if one is to believe inventor Izhar Gafni, more can—and soon will—be done. Within months, mass production will begin on his lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly cardboard bike. Though it sounds flimsy, the bicycle can supposedly support riders weighing up to 485 lb (220 kg). In addition, an organic waterproofing and fireproofing treatment ensures that the product will not simply melt in the rain or burst into flames if a cigarette butt is carelessly tossed its way. The bike could sell for as little as $20.More… Discuss




Bubble Chamber

A bubble chamber is a device for detecting charged subatomic particles. The sealed chamber is filled with a liquefied gas, such as liquid hydrogen, which is superheated. As particles move through the liquid, they leave trails of bubbles that can be illuminated and photographed. Such tracks can be used to identify particles, study their behavior, and analyze the complex events in which they participate. The inventor of the bubble chamber experimented with prototypes filled with what liquid? More… Discuss