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Why you Should Never Take Photos Using iPads! | TechBeat

It wasn’t until Apple released the iPad 2, with its front and rear-facing cameras, that people started taking photos with iPads. Now it seems to have become an epidemic with people thinking it’s ok and cool to thrust a large rectangle device into the air, blocking everyone else’s view. Here are some fantastic reasons NOT to use your iPad to take photos!

Because it makes you stand funny!

Because it makes you stand funny!

via Why you Should Never Take Photos Using iPads! | TechBeat.

An Armistice in Armrest Battles

An Armistice in Armrest Battles

Hate bumping elbows with your neighbor on an airplane? It’s among the most common traveler complaints, and one that could be remedied in 2015 by Soarigami, a plastic armrest divider. Soarigami slides onto the armrest and splits it equally between neighboring seats. Its inventors believe it will foster a pleasant travel experience for both passengers. This is a departure from other carry-on items, like the “Knee Defender,” which allows a passenger to block another from reclining his or her seat—a move that caused an in-flight fracas last August. More… Discuss

Relic Looters Caught Red-Handed Near Dead Sea Site

Relic Looters Caught Red-Handed Near Dead Sea Site

A group of thieves in Israel was recently caught while leaving a site known as the “Cave of Skulls,” not far from where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. This area still contains many artifacts—such as tools, shoes, and papyrus documents—from Jewish rebels who hid there in the days of the Roman Empire. The dry desert climate has kept many of these relics intact, and they are often sold for high prices on the black market. This most recent band of thieves nearly made off with a 2,000-year-old comb used to remove hair lice before becoming the first group in decades to be caught in the act. More… Discuss

Engineers Develop Safer Button Battery

Engineers Develop Safer Button Battery

Button batteries, those easily ingested, little, disc-shaped batteries that power things like toys, watches, and hearing aids, are responsible for thousands of children’s emergency room visits every year. Some suffer severe injuries and even death as a result of the current these batteries release while in the digestive tract or as a result of battery leakage. However, a simple and cheap solution has been devised that could render the batteries harmless if swallowed. Engineers coated button batteries with a material that prevents them from releasing current unless they are squeezed firmly, as by springs in a battery compartment, and with a sealant that minimizes the risk of battery leakage. More… Discuss

this pressed: L.A. school board approves contract to destroy emails after a year – LA Times

Monica Ratliff listening to Ron ChandlerL.A. school board approves contract to destroy emails after a year – LA Times.

word: quench


Definition: (verb) To satisfy (one’s thirst, desires, etc.).
Synonyms: slake, allay, assuage
Usage: He stopped to quench his thirst at a stream. Discuss.

A Website I will visit again: FlixelPix Photography (Freedom Through Photography)

FlixelPix Photography(Freedom Through Photography)

FlixelPix Photography(Freedom Through Photography) (click to access Site)

The evolution of the Fujifilm X-range of cameras has been particularly impressive with the power and versatility of the flagship X-Pro1 being made available in even more affordable and portable packages. – See more at: http://www.flixelpix.com/#sthash.573AW1lv.dpuf