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Environmental protection-sharing with you: Places we must save: National Geographic (linking to the article-2006)

Enemies Within: National Geographic

Enemies Within: National Geographic Scanner, FastStone, IrfanView were employed in the creation of this image (click to enlarge)

If you are interested in the subject of environlental portection, and think you woould enjoy reading the article…then well…..you can access it  


Just a thought:  More than just uploading beutiful pictures because if pictures can tell a thousand words they might as well hide them too! Words have their meaning! Read more!

today’s birthday: Alexander Fleming (1881)

Alexander Fleming (1881)

English: Alexander Fleming receives the Nobel ...

English: Alexander Fleming receives the Nobel Prize from King Gustaf V of Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Motivated by the devastating infections he saw in hospitals during World War I, Fleming, a Scottish bacteriologist, began searching for an effective antiseptic.

English: Chemical structure of Penicillin G. H...

English: Chemical structure of Penicillin G. High-resolution .PNG made with Chem3D and IrfanView — see WikiProject Chemistry – structure drawing for detailed instructions. Please drop me a note if you need the source file. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1922, he discovered lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme present in saliva and tears. In 1928, he isolated the substance penicillin, which became the first successful antibiotic for human bacterial infections. His work earned him a Nobel Prize and has forever changed modern medicine. In what accidental way did he discover penicillin? More… Discuss