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make music part of your life series: Boccherini / Octet (Notturno) in G major, Op. 38 No. 4 (G. 470)


Boccherini / Octet (Notturno) in G major, Op. 38 No. 4 (G. 470)

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)

Octet (Notturno) in G major, Op. 38 No. 4 [G. 470] (1787)

00:00 – Andante amoroso
11:14 – Finale. Allegro vivo

Tafelmusik, dir. Jeanne Lamon (1992)

Violins – Jeanne Lamon & Ingrid Matthews
Viola – Stephen Marvin
Violoncellos – Anner Bylsma & Christina Mahler
Double bass – David Sinclair
Flute – Marten Root
Bassoon – Michael McCraw
Horn – Derek Conrod

“The Notturno [in G major] is really a chamber work for two violins, a viola, two cellos, oboe (or flute), bassoon, and horn — heard here in a nonet version with a double bass. It opens with a charming ‘Andantino amoroso ma non largo’ in an ABA form, marked with Boccherini’s pleas for grace — such as ‘con grazia’ and ‘dolcissimo e teneramente’. The work continues with a minuet with ‘reversed’ harmonies, beginning on an extended dominant seventh and resolving to the tonic. A trio and a ‘minore’ section are interspersed with the main body of the minuet in true 18th-century fashion. The finale is an ‘Allegro vivo’ in sonata form. It opens softly and then bursts out with a zest that carries through the movement. After a curious series of dotted chords that reach into the flat keys before a short pause, Boccherini leads the listener back into the merry chase in a manner worthy of Haydn at his best. The movement ends with no warning, in just the delightful spirit in which it began.” – David Montgomery

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Joseph Boulogne, Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges – L’amant anonyme (1780) – Ballet no 1

Joseph Boulogne (1745 – 1799) was the son of a French aristocrat and an African slave woman. He is considered to be one of the first composers to write music in the western tradition with African ancestry. Here is part of a ballet he wrote in 1780. Performed by Tafelmusik Orchestra conducted by Jeanne Lamon.


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