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Leonard Cohen on Q TV (CBC exclusive)

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To celebrate Q’s 2nd anniversary — poet, novelist, songwriter, legend…a special exclusive feature interview with Leonard Cohen… recorded at his home in Montreal.
A great interview by Jian Ghomeshi.

Sometimes I enjoy listening to Leonard Cohen reminding me the value of reverence, self respect…But more than anything I enjoy his enthusiasm, and dedication to his art, the understanding that creation is in the making, art is dynamic, just like the vibration of the music and verse his talent embodies and chantsModesty is at work in Mr. Cohen’s musical career, perseverance to write something of value, something true about the human condition, love, life and the world and civilization of which he has been part of and a catalyst for change. Mr. Cohen’s philosophy of life has given us some memorable phrases, that are now part of more and more of his contemporaries.
One of the themes appearing is the feelings for the many people suffering in the world, and it really feels like today is a time as good, if not better than any before.

I truly hope that you will find this moments inspirational and enjoy its eloquence, clarity and sincerity and spirituality.

Love Friends.