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My Latest You-Tube Video: “Blue, White and Green: Turnbull Canyon” – Audio (Nightfall In) The Far Dunes – Tim Fachen (moods) 2:23

My latest You Tube Video:  “Blue, White and Green: Turnbull Canyon”-Audio (Nightfall In) The Far Dunes – Tim Fachen (moods) 2:23 Published on Aug 4, 2013 (Filmed on August 3, 2013)

White clouds, blue skies, all seen through the green branches of the trees, with a background of running breeze through the fresh, green leafage…If we are lucky enough we can just let it fill us with the miracle of nature we take for granted every moment because: 
There is nothing to replace it, nothing to act as its surrogate, nothing in waiting, after all this natural creation is destroyed. 
Respect and preserve nature, find its meaning keep it clean, as you would your garden…It is your garden!

This insignificant video was taken under a tree along the trail at Turnbull Canyon, yesterday. Enjoy!
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