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Mozart: Symphony ‘Jupiter’ No.41 in C major, K 551 (Jaap Ter Linden & Mozart Akademie Amsterdam): great compositions/performances

Johanes Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony ‘Jupiter’ No.41 in C major, (K 551)

Mozart Symphony No 41 C major ‘Jupiter’ N Harnoncourt Wiener Philarmoniker


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart completed his Symphony No. 41 in C majorK. 551, on 10 August 1788.[1] It was the last symphony that he composed.

The work is nicknamed the Jupiter Symphony. This name stems not from Mozart but rather was likely coined by the impresario Johann Peter Salomon[2] in an early arrangement for piano.

The four movements are arranged in the traditional symphonic form of the Classical era:

  1. Allegro vivace, 4/4
  2. Andante cantabile, 3/4 in F major
  3. MenuettoAllegretto – Trio, 3/4
  4. Molto allegro, 2/2

The sonata form first movement’s main theme begins with contrasting motifs: a threefold tutti outburst on the fundamental tone (respectively, by an ascending motion leading in a triplet from the dominant tone underneath to the fundamental one), followed by a more lyrical response.

This exchange is heard twice and then followed by an extended series of fanfares. What follows is a transitional passage where the two contrasting motifs are expanded and developed. From there, the second theme group begins with a lyrical section in G major which ends suspended on a seventh chord and is followed by a stormy section in C minor.    More…