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people and places: Mombasa


Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, with a population of 900,000. Until the 16th century, Mombasa was a center of the Arab trade in ivory and slaves. The city was visited by Vasco da Gama on his first voyage to India, and it was burned three times by the Portuguese. Today, Mombasa serves as a chief port for Kenya, Uganda, and northeast Tanzania, and its beaches and resorts attract thousands of tourists annually. What tragic series of events happened here on November 28, 2002? More… Discuss

news: Rare Rhino on Brink of Extinction

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Rare Rhino on Brink of Extinction

A northern white rhino died at the San Diego Zoo this week, leaving only five in the world. Only one male remains, and is considered unable to reproduce naturally due to old age. An international team of experts is now considering ways to save the species, including the possibility of in vitro fertilization. Hopes for natural breeding were dashed earlier this year when a younger male died in October. Northern white rhinos have been hunted to near extinction for their horns. More… Discuss

Polite elephant crosses multiple farms on her voyage without damaging a single fence…What does this tell you about some humans who aren’t so polite!

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Polite elephant crosses multiple farms on her voyage without damaging a single fence…What does this tell you about some humans who aren’t so polite!

today’s holiday: Festival of American Folklife

Festival of American Folklife

Since 1967, the Festival of American Folklife has been held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the richness and diversity of American and world cultures, emphasizing folk, tribal, ethnic, and regional traditions in communities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Recent festival programs have included musicians from the former Soviet Union, demonstrations of African-American coil basketry and Italian-American stone-carving, and the performance of a Japanese rice-planting ritual. More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England (1953)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England (1953)

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, is the elder daughter and successor of George VI. At age 18, she was made a state counsellor, a confidante of the King. During World War II, she trained as a second lieutenant in the women’s services. In 1947, she married Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh. They were in Kenya when the King died and Elizabeth succeeded to the throne. Her coronation was the first to be televised. Elizabeth is Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch. Who is the first? More… Discuss

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Jomo Kenyatta Sentenced to Seven Years Hard Labor (1953)

Kenyatta was an African political leader and the first president of an independent Kenya. His activities were integral to the effort to liberate Kenya from British colonial rule. In 1953, British leaders sentenced Kenyatta to seven years in prison for his suspected ties to the Mau Mau guerilla organization. Released in 1959, he participated in negotiations with the British to write a new constitution for Kenya, which became independent in 1963. What did he achieve during his 14-year presidency? More… Discuss

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Joy Adamson (1910)

Adamson was a Czech-born British naturalist. After moving to Kenya in 1939, she gained global fame for her books Born Free, Living Free, and Forever Free, about her experiences raising a lion cub with her husband and returning it to its natural habitat. Adamson had similar rehabilitative success with cheetah and leopard cubs, but in 1980 her body was found in Kenya’s Shaba National Reserve. Her death was initially attributed to a lion attack, but she was actually killed how?More… Discuss


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Kenyan Forces Gaining Ground in Nairobi Mall Attack

Kenyan authorities claim to have gained control of a mall that was the site of a days-long attack by (al-Shabaab) terrorists that killed at least 62 people and injured at least 170 more. The massacre in the upscale Nairobi shopping center began at about noon on Saturday and is believed to be in its final stages, with all of the hostages now thought to be out of harm’s way and Kenyan forces combing the building for remaining gunmen. The group behind the attack claims it was retaliation for Kenyan military operations in SomaliaMore… Discuss