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Today’s Birthday: ADOLF FREDERICK OF SWEDEN (1710)

Adolf Frederick of Sweden (1710)

King of Sweden from 1751 until his death 20 years later, Adolf Frederick was, for the entirety of his reign, largely just a figurehead. Most of the power actually rested with the Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament. Twice he tried to free himself of its control. The first attempt ended disastrously, with Adolf Frederick nearly losing his throne. His second attempt met with greater success, but the victory ultimately did little to increase his power. In what memorable and unusual way did he die? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: GUSTAV I OF SWEDEN (1496?)

Gustav I of Sweden (1496?)

Considered the father of modern Sweden, Gustav I was king of Sweden and founder of the Vasa dynasty. A senator’s son, he became a leader in the rebellion against the Danes, who controlled most of Sweden. In 1523—having won Sweden’s independence—he was elected king. He was an autocratic ruler and built a strong monarchy and an efficient administration. Aside from his temper, he was known for his love of music and sly wit. How did being beaten with a baking implement supposedly save his life? More… Discuss