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Landslide Tragedy in Afghanistan

Hundreds have been killed and thousands remain missing after a landslide crashed down on a remote village inAfghanistan. The enormous slide made roads impassable for the heavy machinery needed to carry out rescue and recovery efforts, so people from nearby villages have begun digging using the only tools they have available to them—their hands. More than 2,000 people resided in the village, and many had been in the process of trying to recover their belongings and livestock following an earlier, more minor landslip when the side of a nearby mountain collapsed, burying the village.More… Discuss

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The Southern Leyte Mudslide (2006)

After 10 days of heavy rains and a minor earthquake, a cliff face in the Southern Leyte province of the Philippines collapsed, initiating the world’s deadliest single landslide in nearly two decades. More than 1,100 people were killed when a torrent of rocks, mud, and debris buried the village of Guinsaugon. The international community quickly came to the aid of the island nation, but difficult conditions hampered the relief effort. What do some believe also contributed to the deadly landslide? More…Discuss


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This Day in the Yesteryear: LANDSLIDE IN ITALY CLAIMS MORE THAN 2,000 LIVES (1963)

Landslide in Italy Claims More Than 2,000 Lives (1963)

One of the highest dams in the world, the Vaiont Dam was constructed on the Vaiont River about 60 mi (100 km) north of Venice, Italy. Two years after its completion, a massive landslide fell into its reservoir, causing the stored water to spill over the dam, sweeping away the village of Longarone and flooding several nearby towns. Some 2,000 people drowned. The dam itself surprisingly remained intact. In 2008, who cited the disaster as one of five “cautionary tales” for engineers and geologists? More… Discuss