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this pressed: ISIS almost iced Sienna?|AP via Truth24.com


LOS ANGELES – Actress Sienna Miller has been an ambassador for the International Medical Corps (IMC) for the past six years. Last summer she made a humanitarian trip to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and she says it could have cost her her life.

“On our second morning we drove the so-called road to Damascus, heading just a few miles from the Syrian border to visit a settlement with a few thousand refugees,” she told FOX411 at the ICM Annual Awards Ceremony in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “About two hours into the drive, the vehicle ahead of us in a convoy suddenly stopped and pulled over. Colin, our country director, got out and informed us precisely and without emotion that a bomb had just exploded at a checkpoint we had just passed minutes earlier.”

via ISIS almost iced Sienna?. | AP/Truth24.com

Reporters Without Borders: Because if it cannot be reported…It’s of a dark nature)

2014 World Press Freedom IndexReporters Without Borders.


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St. Maron’s Day

St. Maron (also spelled St. Maroun), the patron saint of Lebanon, was a monk who died in 410 CE. The Feast of St. Maron, as it is known in Lebanon, does not have the cultural significance for its citizens that it had in past eras—today, Maronites only make up one-quarter of the Lebanese population (between one-half and one million). In Lebanon and abroad, the most common ceremony of the feast day is the Maronite liturgy, which is a distinctive blend of Catholic doctrine, Arabic music, and singing inSyriac-Aramaic, a classical language that was spoken by JesusMore…Discuss


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Lebanon Hostage Crisis: Last US Captive Released after 7 Years (1991)

After reporting from Vietnam as a war correspondent, American journalist Terry A. Anderson became chief correspondent for the Associated Press in Lebanon. In March 1985, he was abducted from a Beirut street by Shiite Hezbollah militants retaliating against the US for supplying Israel with weapons. Held with other American hostages taken at around the same time, Anderson remained in captivity for nearly seven years and was the last to be released. What has he done since regaining his freedom? More… Discuss

War: “What Is Good For”

U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran. While that plan was certainly delayed President Obama is carrying out the plan. Lybia was Obama’s war and next up on Obama’s list is Syria.