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today’s birthday: Virginia Woolf (1882) Watch “the Lighthouse” here

Virginia Woolf (1882)

A successful innovator in the form of the novel, Woolf was a significant force in 20th-century fiction. As a novelist, her chief concern was to represent the flow of ordinary experience, and she accomplished this by placing greatest emphasis not on plot or characterization but on her characters’ consciousness. Her books include Mrs. Dalloway, Jacob’s Room, and To the Lighthouse. Woolf struggled with bouts of depression and, fearing the onset of a breakdown, did what in 1941? More… Discuss
Watch “the Light House on EUZICASA or YouTube:

To the Lighthouse – 1983 – Kenneth Branagh, Virginia Woolf FULL

Kristiansand Symfoniorkester 
from Lindesnes Lighthouse, Norway

The Light House That We Are…

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We all hold a beacon deep inside of our core: it radiates with invisible light, with energy, like a light house on a rocky sea-shore. I t does that all the time: when we don’t feel whole, when sadd with undue hardship and burdens, the light is not  so bright, and joyful, and that shows in our eyes first, and in our faces, and in the way we walk, and then in the way we talk. It make us look older than we are, it make us breath more superficially: Each living cell in our bodies knows, that something is wrong in the kingdom, the there is a war going on, so they take cover, they stock reserves to survive the assault (who knows how long it will take, who knows if we will win).

So the best we can do, is to show the world outside, the kingdom (or republic) is ready, is joyous, and has the power of overcoming on its side).
So smile when you cry inside, and smile when you don’t know why, and show the world the one that God intended for us to be.

George. 🙂