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Today’s Birthday: MARY THERESE MCCARTHY (1912)

Mary Therese McCarthy (1912)

McCarthy began her storied writing career as a drama critic for thePartisan Review in the 1930s, gaining a reputation for wit, intellect, and acerbity—qualities that are evident in her later works of satirical fiction as well as in her personal life. She engaged other authors in public feuds and repeatedly took contentious literary and political stands. Author Lillian Hellman filed a multimillion-dollar libel suit against McCarthy after she made what comment about Hellman’s writing? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday (June20): Lillian Hellman (1905)

Lillian Hellman (1905)

After working as a book reviewer, press agent, and play reader, Hellman began writing plays in the 1930s. Her first major success, The Children’s Hour, concerned two schoolteachers falsely accused of lesbianism. She examined family infighting in her hit The Little Foxes and political injustice in Watch on the Rhine. All were made into successful films. Hellman was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952. What happened when she refused to testify? More… Discuss

Leonard Bernstein Conducting Candide Overture (London December 13, 1989)

Candide Overture, conducted by the composer himself, Leonard Bernstein. Concert performance of Candide with June Anderson, Jerry Hadley, Christa Ludwig, Nicolai Gedda – London Symphony Orchestra (London, December 13, 1989).

is an operetta with music composed by Leonard Bernstein, based on the novella of the same name by Voltaire.[1] The operetta was first performed in 1956 with a libretto by Lillian Hellman; but since 1974 it has been generally performed with a book by Hugh Wheeler[2][3] which is more faithful to Voltaire’s novel. The primary lyricist was the poet Richard Wilbur.
(Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candide_(operetta))