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Rap-tonguelar (a poetic thought by George-b)

(a poetic thought by George-b)

A world ripped from magic, from stories
of coming and going, on perpetual passing heroes
With magic gone so are the heroes, 
with heroes gone so is hope than
hope replaced by the illusion of truth, the deniers of humanity, the dark heroes
here for themselves,
self, sell-fish-ly weak,
feeding on weakness, on innocence, on hunger,
drank with victory over blood, blood that belongs to others,
true heroes, indeed, in a world unmagical,
disrobed of magic the Emperor wear the illusion of clothes,
press free togas so now the empty scene of the theater itself curtain-less, always visible to the eye fearoverhopeoverthetopfearoffearitselfortheoverthetopcoldheatoflieskeepsonefromfreezing: yes the longest multi-word not yet in your dictionary is finally here: happy elections 2012,2016,10162020,and onandonandon: aberration!

Line art drawing of a man in a toga.

Line art drawing of a man in a toga. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)