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today’s birthday: Jacques Chirac (1932)

Jacques Chirac (1932)

Chirac, a French political leader, was president of France from 1995 to 2007, served twice as prime minister, and was the mayor of Paris for nearly two decades. As president, he sought to reduce unemployment, cut the deficit, and strengthen ties with Germany. In the early 2000s, Chirac was implicated in a number of corruption scandals, and, in 2011, he was convicted on corruption charges. In 2002, Chirac survived an attempt on his life during celebrations of what French national holiday? More… Discuss

this pressed: Argentina’s Senate passes bill to expel foreigners caught breaking the law

Argentina‘s Senate passes bill to expel foreigners caught breaking the law

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina’s Senate has passed a bill to expel foreigners caught breaking the law.

Senators approved the legislation 39-24 on Wednesday.

The bill backed by President Cristina Fernandez is expected to be passed by the lower house as well and turned into law. Fernandez has said there is a growing number of foreigners entering Argentina to commit crimes.

Under the bill, foreigners caught breaking the law can be immediately expelled from Argentina and banned from returning for at least five years. Foreign-born people with legal residence can ask to remain in Argentina to serve out their sentence for the crime.

Argentines are growing increasingly worried about rising crime in their country.

Rights groups say foreigners represent a fraction of law breakers and say the proposed law could leave to unfair treatment.

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French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants

By a vote of 196 to 146, France’s Senate voted to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds that such contests promote the hypersexualization of minors. The measure will now be brought before the National Assembly, which must also pass it for it to become law. If the ban is adopted, those who organize pageants for children under 16 would face significant jail time and hefty fines. More… Discuss