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Beethoven / Herbert von Karajan, 1954: Overture, “Leonora, No. 3” Op. 72a – Philharmonia Orchestra

Forty-six year old Herbert von Karajan (1908-1989) leads the Philharmonia Orchestra in this 1954 recording of the Leonora Overture, Op. 72A, by Beethoven. I created this video from the LP shown above, issued in 1954 on the Angel label, serial number 35097 (British pressing). Except for those of Beethoven and those from the 1954 Billboard magazine review (5:30) of this LP, all images used to create this video were taken from the LP label (6:13) and jacket (4:54). In order to remove all doubt in the minds of those listening to these works, I use such images to establish the credibility of the source of these and similarly rare and historic recordings.