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Robot Flies the Friendly Skies

Robot Flies the Friendly Skies

The next time you take a flight, you may want to check that the passenger next you is human. Last week, Athena, a humanoid robot, took what was hailed as the first flight by a robot as a paying passenger on a commercial airline. Built by an American robotics company, Athena was accompanied on her flight from Los Angeles to Germany by researchers from the Max Planck Society, who are exploring the potential for robots to do life-threatening jobs, such as cleaning up nuclear waste. The flight served no scientific purpose, but Athena’s handlers said buying a seat was cheaper than stowing the robot as cargo. More… Discuss


Goodfellas 2?

Federal agents yesterday made an arrest in the 1978 New York airport heist made famous in the hit filmGoodfellas. More than three decades after thieves stole $5 million in cash—worth $17.9 million today—and $1 million in jewelry from a Lufthansa cargo building at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a reputed member of theBonanno crime family was taken into custody for the crime. Investigators got a lead in the decades-cold case when they uncovered human remains on the property of the suspected mastermind of the heist, late mobster James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke. It was the largest cash robbery ever committed in the US until that time. More… Discuss


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