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THIS DAY IN THE YESTERYEAR: Luna 5 Crashes on the Moon (1965)

Luna 5 Crashes on the Moon (1965)

Luna 5 was an unmanned Soviet space probe launched for lunar investigation. On May 10, the spacecraft began spinning around its axis due to a problem in a gyroscope in the guidance system unit. A subsequent attempt to fire the main engine failed because of a ground control error, and Luna 5 impacted the lunar surface. Though it failed to soft-land—Luna 9 would do so a year later—Luna 5 was the second Soviet lunar probe to land on the moon. What was the first? More… Discuss

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Iubire Dinainte (By George-b) –

Iubire dinainte 

(By George-b)

 Invesminteaza-ma in pielea ta,
Acopere-ma-n parul tau,
Invita-mă in incaperea ta –
Apoi vom mai putea privi in Lună….

Dar nu-nainte…  In a ta presenţa privesc in jos,
Cu stîngacia primelor dorinte-
cu cît mai arzatoare, cu-atat mai nepatrunse…

O dorinţă de-a privi la stele, împreuna, 
ca si cum toata lumea–i contopita-ntr-una noua,
inca nenumită , la început de inceput si mai-nainte….

Oh,  dar invesmantaza-ma in pielea ta si vom vedea-mpreună

O Luna…numai nouă…

——————– ///  ——————–

Love from long ago  (by George-b)

Dress me in your skin,
Cover me in your hair,
Invite me inside-
Then we could still look at the Moon…

But not before – as in your presence I stare down
With that awkwardness of first desires-
The more ardent, the more kept deep inside,
where only though exist without expression…

Oh, desire to observe the stars, together,
As if the world entire’s blend anew
yet unnamed, at the beginning of beginnings and beyond…

Oh, but dress me in your skin and we shall see together
A Moon…only new.

Doru Stanculescu – Fara petale (no petals)

Doru Stanculescu – Fara petale (remastered)

1. Nisipul fin a oftat
Zambeste-n el o urma de pacat
E semn c-aici in zadar
Isi cheama luna lupii la altar

2. Un strop de vina ingropat
Ciorchini de sare fata i-au spalat
Cristale reci tes in fum
Coperta-n aur un sicriu de scrum

R: Incearca, incearca, piaptana ochii ei
Ma incearcana…