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Feet Hotbeds of Fungal Activity

It may surprise many to learn that regardless of how meticulous they are about personal hygiene, their skinharbors hundreds of types of fungi. Researchers cataloguing fungal populations typically found on the skin identified nearly 200 kinds on study participants’ feet alone. Many fewer species were found populating other areas of the body, like behind the ears, on the palms, and in the crooks of the elbows, but they are still plentiful. The good news is that these are, for the most part, harmless. Problems can arise, however, if they multiply and cause an infectionMore… Discuss

This Day in the Yesteryear: GEORGE BOLEYN, BROTHER OF ANNE, BEHEADED (1536)

George Boleyn, Brother of Anne, Beheaded (1536)

Henry VIII had two of his six wives beheaded, but the unpleasant consequences of his marriages did not apply only to his spouses. After Henry‘s first marriage was annulled, he took Anne Boleyn as his queen. Though she bore him the future Queen Elizabeth I, she produced no male heir, and he lost interest in her. In 1536, he had her imprisoned on questionable charges of adultery and incest—allegedly with her brother, George. Both were beheaded. What did George reportedly say before his execution? More… Discuss