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Watch “Dean Winchester | A Single Man Tear” on YouTube

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    A single man tear slips down his face
    He shows emotion without a trace
    He hides behind a mask so strong
    Worried that he could be wrong
    I wish that he could see the way I see him
    The perfect brother
    A man without sin
    Cause underneath the manly sheen
    It is my brother
    A boy named Dean
    A single man tear
    A single man tear
    A single man tear that’s all we fear
    A single man tear
    That’s all i’ll spare
    I bury feelings, don’t show I care
    Even though I’m haunted
    Must be the man daddy wanted
    Wish I could be as strong as Sam
    Blaze my own trail
    Be my own man
    But underneath this broken mask
    It is my father, with all his wrath
    A single man tear
    A single man tear
    A single man tear that’s all we fear

    Source: Musixmatch

    Songwriters: Christopher J. Lennertz / ROBBIE THOMPSON


The Nice Guy

In pop psychology, the nice guy is an adult male who is friendly yet unassertive in relationships with women. He gives emotional support, avoids confrontation, puts others’ needs before his own, and generally treats women well. Despite these good qualities, many women, even those who claim to want a nice guy, actually choose to date men who are less considerate, likely because they are attracted to the overt sexuality of such “jerks.” Who first used the phrase “nice guys finish last”? More…