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Today’s Birthday: ALICE MARBLE (1913)

Alice Marble (1913)

Marble was an American tennis player who began playing at age 15 and rose rapidly in the national tennis rankings after 1931. She won 18 Grand Slam championships: five in singles, six in doubles, and seven in mixed doubles. Her personal life, however, was filled with tragedy and intrigue. Her husband was killed during World War II, just days after Marble had suffered a miscarriage. She attempted suicide but recovered and, in 1945, began spying for US intelligence. What was her mission? More… Discuss


Statue (my poetic thoughs)


When you notice a statue cry,
stop what we’re doing, look, listen, and try
To understand why does the statue cry.


Why does the marble cry, how does petrified wood,
No chemistry in it, all science put aside,
No theories…  Just  ask yourself:
What, what made the statue cry?

Soul of Stone (Suflet împietrit) (my short poems series)

Soul of Stone

Soul of Stone

Soul of Stone (By George)

 I have leaned on you
until you turned into statue –
of white marble with bluish veins –
unmoved, cold…

soul of stone:
what would move you?

Suflet împietrit

M-am sprijinit de tine
pana-ai devenit statuie-
de marmura alba, cu vine vinetii-
nemiscată, rece…

Suflet împietrit:
Ce te-ar putea misca?