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today’s birthday: John Willard Marriott (1900)

John Willard Marriott (1900)

A Mormon farm boy from Utah, Marriott left behind the life he knew to open a root beer stand far from home in Washington, DC, in 1927. His gamble quickly paid off. He soon had a chain of family-style drive-ins up and down the US East Coast. In 1957, he opened his first hotel. This too was a great success, and today Marriott International, Inc., is one of the world’s largest hospitality companies. Why did he choose Washington, DC, as the site of his first root beer stand? More… Discuss

Schwarzenegger fathered child with a staffer

Had you know his tainted conscience: Would you still voted for him, to be intrusted with the highest civic duty, the highest social honor, of being in charge of the governemnt of the State Of California?
It seems that his selfish, narcicistic life (as a body builder), lack of any understanding of Civics, and Government, and poor choice of characters in films, did not made anybody think twice?

I guess people get, what people ask for!