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today’s holiday: Marshall Islands Fishermen’s Day

Marshall Islands Fishermen’s Day

In the Marshall Islands, Fishermen’s Day is a public holiday sponsored by the Marshalls Billfish Club. During the contest, competing fishermen go out into the ocean and attempt to catch the most, the biggest, or the heaviest fish in several categories. In 1981, four friends, Tom Micheals, Wally Milne, Ramsey Reimers, and Ronnie Reimers, founded the Marshalls Billfish Club, and they were inspired to set up an annual tournament in the Marshall Islands every July. The Marshall Islands government endorsed the club, and since then the event has become a national holiday each year. More… Discuss

today’s holiday: Marshall Islands President’s Day

Marshall Islands President’s Day

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has designated November 17 as President’s Day, a day to remember the nation’s first president, Amata Kabua. Kabua started his career as a school teacher and rose to become paramount chief of the Island of Majuro and head of state of the Marshall Islands. He served five terms as president of the Marshall Islands, beginning in 1979 when the country became independent and continuing until his death in 1996. More… Discuss

today’s holiday: Marshall Islands Manit Day

Marshall Islands Manit Day

In the Marshall Islands, Manit Day is part of the annual cultural festival Lutok Kobban Alele, which aims to promote and preserve the Marshallese culture. On Manit Day, people can set up booths outside the Alele Museum, Library, and National Archive—which displays exclusive and original artifacts of the Marshall Islands—to sell their handicrafts, food, and drinks. As part of the celebration, children have the opportunity to perform dances, sing songs, perform skits, or tell folklore stories. More… Discuss