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this day in the yesteryear: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Is Launched (1970)

PBS is an American non-profit, private corporation that provides its members—public television stations—with educational, cultural, and news programs. The network is supported by public funds and private contributions rather than commercials. Its popular programs, produced by its member stations and other independent program producers, have included Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theatre, and Nova. How does PBS differ from its radio counterpart, National Public Radio? More… Discuss

Paganini – Caprices 4 & 13 (Itzhak Perlman / Violi

Two of the most sublime caprices of Nicolo Paganini, the emotional 4th caprice, a masterpiece presenting a majestic contrast between drama and joy and the stunning 13th caprice or 
“The Devil’s Laugher”, performed by the greatest virtuoso Itzhak Perlman.