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Mark O’Connor – “Orange Blossom Special” at its best! (American Music Shop Band)

The band to beat! This is a short segment of the terrific music from “The American Music Shop.” (The show aired from 1990 to 1993).

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Leading the band, is the Legendary Grammy Award-Winning Violinist and World-Class Fiddler: Mark O’Connor!

Song: “Orange Blossom Special

Arrangement by Mark O’Connor also included excerpts from: “Bonanza,” “Meet the Flintstones,” “Partita in E” (J.S. Bach) and “Nutcracker Suite” (P.I. Tchaikovsky).

The New Nashville Cats Band:
Mark O’Connor, Fiddle
Matt Rollings, Keyboards
Brent Mason, Electric Guitar
Michael Rhodes, Electric Bass
Paul Franklin, Pedal Steel
Harry Stinson, Tamborine
Terry McMillan, Harmonica
Paul Leim, Drums

“The American Music Shop featured a different artist each week. Concerts were given in a small, intimate theater and recorded live. In addition to the artists’ own bands, the American Music Shop band accompanied the performers, giving these concerts a unique sound.” (Written by Jason A. Cormier -IMDB Website)

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