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This pressed for a lesson to be learned: Politician pelted with fries and mayo| must watch!

Politician pelted with fries and mayo.

Politician pelted with fries and mayo

CNN Newsroom|Added on December 23, 2014After activists attacked him with mayonnaise and fries, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel shed his coat and carried on.

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood (they speak French not frankglish)

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood (click for the site)


Ten Eggs
salt and pepper
loaf of firm wholemeal bread, all crusts cut off, buttered

Boil new laid eggs for ten minutes. One egg per sandwhich. Immediately plunge them into cold water so that the yolks do not darken. When almost cold peel them and slice or chop them. Mix the eggs with a tablespoon of minced parsley and enough mayonnaise to make a nice texture. Add salt and pepper and lay the egg mixture on the buttered bread. Egg sandwiches are traditionally cut into squares.