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Piece of Americana: Second McDonald’s Fast Food Stand: opened 1953 (my photo collection)

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  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia History   McDonald’s corporate logo used from November 18, 1968 to 2006. It still exists at some restaurants.   The oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant was the third one built, opening in 1953. It is … Continue reading

health: Belgian Fries May Become Official Cultural Treasure ( because French fries, are actually, Belgian!)

Belgian Fries May Become Official Cultural Treasure

Belgian potato fries are poised to join the likes of Argentinian tango and Turkish coffee. Fry-selling establishments—called fritkots—are extremely common throughout Belgium, and Belgian fries could eventually join 314 other items recognized by UNESCO, the cultural branch of the United Nations, as an official piece of cultural heritage. The government of the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders already deems Belgian fries a key part of national culture, and Belgium’s French and German-speaking communities are expected to debate the issue next year. More… Discuss