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Minamata Disease Officially Discovered in Japan (1956)

Minamata disease is a degenerative neurological disorder characterized by a loss of coordination and peripheral vision, poor articulation of speech, and numbness of the extremities. It was first encountered in 1956, when numerous cases of the then-unknown disease were observed in Minamata, Japan. Investigations showed that the consumption of seafood contaminated by a local chemical factory‘s mercury-laden wastewater caused the disorder. What brought more attention to the disease in 1965? More…

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Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

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Dr. Alison Adams discusses mercury toxicity and how it may affect you. Dr. Adams talks about how mercury can affect different parts of the body and how it reacts with other metals. Could your condition be from mercury toxicity? Please watch!


Just How Toxic is Mercury? – A Study by University of Calgary

In this video, you will see just how toxic mercury really is and how it causes damage to the brain.

Quoted from the video:

“Shown here is the neurite of a live neuron isolated from snail brain tissue displaying linear growth due to growth cone activity.

It is important to note that growth cones in all animal species, ranging from snails to humans, have identical structural and behavioral characteristics, and use proteins of virtually identical composition.

In this experiment, neurons also isolated from snail brain tissue were grown in culture for several days. Afterwhich, very low concentrations of mercury (30 micrograms) were added to the culture medium for 20 minutes.

Over the next 30 minutes, the neuron underwent rapid degeneration leaving the denuded neurofibrils seen here.

To understand how mercury causes this degeneration, let us return to our illustration. As mentioned before, tubulin proteins link together during normal cell growth to form microtubules which support the neurite structure.

When mercury ions are introduced into the culture medium, they infiltrate the cell and bind themselves to newly synthesized tubulin molecules.

More specifically, the mercury ions attach themselves to the binding sites reserved for Guanosine Triphosphate (GTP) on the beta subunit of the affected tubulin molecules.

Since bound GTP normally provides the energy which allows tubulin molecules to attach to one another, mercury ions bound to these sites prevent tubulin proteins from linking together.

Consequently, the neurite’s microtubules begin to disassemble into free tubulin molecules, leaving the neurites stripped of its support structure.

Ultimately, both the developing neurite and its growth cone collapse, and some denuded neurofibrils form aggregates, or tangles, as depicted here.

Shown here is a neurite growth cone stained specifically for tubulin and actin, before and after mercury exposure.

Note that the mercury has caused disintigration of tubilin microtubule structure. 

These new findings reveal important visual evidence as to how mercury causes neuro-degeneration.

More importantly, this study provides the first direct evidence that low-level mercury exposure is indeed a precipitating factor that can initiate this neuro-degenerative process within the brain.”


Mercury Toxic ? Who’s Asking Who: Check Out Who’s Playing Tag In Your Mouth

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Few weeks ago I introduced you to studies done articulating the destruction of neurons (nerves) by mercury, only, while other metals employed in the research did not damage nerves.
This is the shortcut to that article: http://en.search.wordpress.com/?q=site%3Aeuzicasa.wordpress.com+mercury
NOw, and again, we have one of the most reactionary industry lobbyists, stipulating that mercury is good for you, so good that you should carry as much as 1 oz, you your mouth:

To me this looks so much like the insane battle of the  asbestos industry. I can only be happy that the tobacco industry got what they deserve.
this last battle has nothing to do with science, politicized science but only with profit-making without any responsibility, social or personal, to one or to all, and it’s wrong.

What is interesting is that dentists were among the most poisoned by mercury, until some regulations came to life, and developed, but with no air, and water monitoring, to alert in case of mercury presence  (more or less effective), to manage the flow of mercury thru their dental cabinets (so it is not in the air the staff, and patients breath, or in the water going down the sink and into the sewage system, and from there back at us in the…fish we buy to eat. Indeed there were many dentists intoxicated for years, and presenting the symptoms of mercurialism or heretism (“mad hatter disease”):
From preparing the amalgam (the material containing mercury that goes in your cavities), in the palm of their hands (you know mercury goes right thru your skin, and directly into your blood, and directly to your brain with the speed that alcohol does, there are no stops on the way. Saturnism on the other hand is the disease caused but cronic exposure to lead, while working unsafely.
Beside dental cabinets, hospitals, fluorescent tubes manufacturers, the exhaust coming off the stacks of power plants, incinerators (including human with mercury fillings), the list of mercury damage to humans is thousand of sources in size.
The problem with mercury contamination, is that it is masked by the lack of any signals of presence (No odor, no color, no acute effect at lower doses of poisoning, but deadly cumulative in humans, human embryos, and animals, to the ecological system, to the planet Earth, our home, the only home will ever have, if we don’t bring it down, of course.
With all the scientific evidence to the contrary, what kind of political power can an endorser of the mercury industry have to show at a FDA hearing: of course, ON TAX PAYERS MONEYS ? to conclude:  That it is safe…for now…?


Mercury toxicity to the nervous system

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