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Back from the Movies: Unkle – Every Single Prayer (feat. Gavin Clark) (soundtrack of “The Caller”)


Will you count to three,
Write yourself a day,
Catch every single spark?
There’s tracks inside my head
Will you find it there?
You believe?
You swear?
Will the beads around your wrist,
Capture every single prayer?
CHORUS: There’s no more,
No more to save now, there’s no more(x2)
But an image of ourselves
Don’t let me (ever) go
Don’t let me down you know
I’ll never come again(x2 or x4)
Will you grinch your teeth,
See what lies beneath?
Number every single hair,
And every word I speak?

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The Caller

Theatrical Poster
Directed by Matthew Parkhill
Produced by Amina Dasmal
Robin C. Fox
Piers Tempest
Luillo Ruiz
The Pimienta Film Company[1]
Written by Sergio Casci
Starring Rachelle Lefevre
Stephen Moyer
Distributed by Bankside Films
Release date(s)
Running time 92 minutes
Country Puerto Rico
Language English

The Caller is a supernatural thriller directed by Matthew Parkhill and written by Sergio Casci, starring Rachelle LefevreStephen Moyer andLorna Raver. The movie was filmed entirely in Puerto Rico. The Gala Premiere of the movie was on August 23, 2011 at Metro Cinema in Puerto Rico.[2]         More…